Sunday, January 8, 2017

Rules and Routines for 2017

School started early for year 2017, means time to get prepare for the new excitement and challenges in my classroom. Clear rules, routine and expectations are very important. It sets the way that the class is going. 

Every year, I started off with a new batch of year 1 pupils. Mainly, they are rather clueless and needs a few months to slowly adapt to the transition of fun play kindergarten to formal setting of classrooms especially Chinese medium school. They are required to sit still and get ready for the lesson. The changes are tremendous. 

This year, I started with 
  1. Self introduction on my name and the subject that I am going to teach.
  2. Introducing my classroom rules clearly and practice through games. The children are allowed to guess the reason behind the rules.
    • Respect. ( Respect the administrators, teachers, classmates, janitors and etc)
    • Listen. ( Listen and think carefully before action)
    • Get Ready ( Do your task, homework, be prepared for lesson and bring the materials needed)
    • Be neat and clean. ( Pupils need to be neat and clean , their work so do their surrounding.
  • Rules can be practice via game for Listen through " Do what I say"
      3. Practice simple routines : 
    •  Asking permission to go to toilet and getting the tag.
    • Line up
    • Going for recess
    • Going home
      4. Introducing the books and resources needed.

Hopefully, this year with will a fruitful and bountiful year. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Goal Setting

Time passes as a twinkle of an eye, where 4 years had came since I had started off teaching in an unexpected Chinese medium school to getting used to the nook and crooks. I started off like any newly graduates. With a baby face, whenever I attended any course they could pin point my fresh from oven status immediately. Slowly, as times passes by I was adorned with glint of maturity. I worked hard to hone my skills, knowledge and even character to be a teacher that God could serve others.

Basically, I took some simple steps to help me on this journey of profession. It is important to plan what is ahead, by looking at how you are. Every year, I would gladly sit down and do the SWOT analysis which was recommended by a teacher of experience. Working through the information and reflection, I would slowly think of realistic, measurable and achievable aim to achieve for the year, semester or even months. I think that this really helps to see the gradual improvement in my profession. It is like a compass that steer me in this busy profession. For many seemed to be long working out same things years and year without much idea, even worst they have lost their purpose. The goal and aim helps us to grow and be sure what we want in our life and profession.

In my first year, my aim was not big. I just want to get use to the school environment, knowing how things work as well as doing my job.  In 2011, I started off on the 7 February 2014 just after the Chinese New Year Celebration. I was rather surprised to be posted to a Melaka Chinese medium school despite of no qualification to do so. Besides that, I was asked to teacher Mathematics, Science, Moral, Civic Education, Life Skill, Kajian Tempatan, Sport and Health as well as Music in Chinese. It was a strenuous task as I can only read limited Chinese words and the level was pretty high for me. After a month of struggling I managed to exchange the subject to English subjects which I was supposed to teach Year 1, 2,3 and 4. My task turns out to be easier. Yet, the challenges remained with the classroom management. My first motto at that time and now is don’t let the pupils get away from their chairs unless it is required.  Being firm and persistence in executing our request or statement are crucial. Of course, I found that having fun and interesting activities helps a lot. However, if you can’t manage it don’t give too exciting activities that causes pupils hyperactivity, resulting in havoc later. In order to improve these skills, I also work in the school after care class. I found that these are too taxing and my work performance backslide as I received complain on books being marked wrongly. Well, it was another aim to start with. The year went on with some relationship problems with the colleagues. I was told that I am not building relationship with the teachers. Therefore, my advice is building relationship with colleagues, cooperate and care for them are crucial for your work in long run as it will be them supporting you. We work in a team; no one is a lone ranger.

Monday, April 7, 2014


I had been lost and brings to comfort words of encouragement. Yet, I find myself at the pit after a roller coaster of emotion. The main reason of despair are:

  1. My pupils don't seem to get what I have been teaching, after repeating, after emphasizing, and other efforts. Maybe my effort is not enough.
  • My pupils have problems with grammar.
  • My pupils have problems in making sentences despite telling them that verb to be don't go together with verb such as He is takes care of the plants. It is frustrating to see that sentences after being reminded.
  1. My pupils didn't seem to hand in their homework.
  2. My pupils spelling seemed to be always under expectation and spelling is not done. 
I guess voicing out the issues seemed to make me feel more helpless as I don't seem to be able to solve my current problem. Yet, I strongly believe maybe they just need more time, love and patient. I feel better after blabbering over here.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Ideas for English Society

Lately I felt challenged when pupils are asked to join another paid English club compared to mine that are free of charge. It offers a range of activities that are fun and useful in classroom activities. Hence, I come up with some activities based on a video online on ways to practice spelling. I found it is fun.

Activitiy 1 : Challenge your spelling
Time: 5-10 minutes
Age: Any
Materials: Word card.
1. Pupils are given a piece of card with words written.
2. Pupils can challenge others by asking "What is your word?"
3. If the pupils can spell out the word challenge, he or she can takes the card. If fail he or she has to give his or her card to the person who was challenge.

Activity 2: Make your Word Search
Time: 30 minutes
Age : 8++
Materials: Papers with 12x12 boxes

1. Pupils brainstorm and spelling out the words.
2. Pupils write the words in the boxes.
3. Pupils complete the boxes and gives their word search as a challenge to other pupils.

1. Make sure their spelling is correct before starting off.

I found that my pupils really love it, especially the 10 years old pupils based on their favourite topics. Have fun trying.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Fun learning in simple way

 I like lesson that are fun, exciting and engaging. However, I am getting further away from my ideal lesson. I am constantly being challenged by paperwork, extra duties and activities that are going on.

I put on simple effort to at least come up with something fun as KSSR is emphasizing on fun learning through language art. I think the syllabus and textbook helps a lot. But what makes a difference is the way we carry them out.

  1. If the teacher comes into the class with a sour face, the activities will not go far. 
  2. The way that we carry is for finishing the syllabus or for the sake of learning is fun. Sometimes, we just drag along the lesson. I admit I did ask the pupils to sing the song or recite poetry in the textbook but sometimes it just become reading. Don't short cut the fun element and turn it into something routine.
  3. Get in some interesting element such as utilize the teaching aid or materials.
  •  In reading lesson
  1. I come up with a few element such as asking the pupils to read aloud and stop at certain parts while the others have to continue. Those unable to do so will have to make a funny face till they managed to read the parts in another round.
  2. I changed the way I read while the pupils follow.
  3. Reading aloud competition for group.

           These are some of it now. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

What your student is thinking about your school? your lesson?

I had been attending a course on building a good in Hong Wen School, Singapore on the 16 November. Mr 李希贵 was presenting on an ideal school that did a survey on where is the pupils favorite places in school and the activities that they like the most. Sadly, classroom and lesson are not even listed in top 20. But how about your school?

The questions seemed to make me reflect as endless of question keep popping out of my head. What is the children think about school ? What strike them the most? Where they can feel comfortable, at ease, fun, excitement?

So what can we do as an educator? It is time for change . A small change in us can comes out differently just like the ripple effect. Come up and change.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Am I good enough?

I have been missing for such a long time that I even forgets that I have a blog. There had been an uncertainty going on with me. It sounds like " Am I doing a good job?" How I come up with such thoughts.

  1. I felt that my pupils are not learning with me.
  2. Disruption and misbehavior is a daily endless scenario.
  3. Every teacher looks better.
  4. I can't carry out what is suggested to be a better teacher.
The list may go longer. I am wondering, is it me or there is someone insecure as me. 

Despite having all theses thoughts, definitely discouraged but I somehow managed to come to the brighter side. It may be self comforting but I believe in God that any challenges that comes upon you is meant to built you up. So stay cool and find some ways for those who gives all sorts of excuse may not live a life that they want. I hope to hear from the others too.

Some of the ways to feel better in a practical way are
  1. Set a goal that can be achieve by ourselves.
  2. Don't expect a sudden becomes very successful . 
  3. Take our time to find out the more demanding issues that need to be settled. I think prioritize is very important. Take one at a time. 
What other good advice that you have? 
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