Monday, November 18, 2013

Fun learning in simple way

 I like lesson that are fun, exciting and engaging. However, I am getting further away from my ideal lesson. I am constantly being challenged by paperwork, extra duties and activities that are going on.

I put on simple effort to at least come up with something fun as KSSR is emphasizing on fun learning through language art. I think the syllabus and textbook helps a lot. But what makes a difference is the way we carry them out.

  1. If the teacher comes into the class with a sour face, the activities will not go far. 
  2. The way that we carry is for finishing the syllabus or for the sake of learning is fun. Sometimes, we just drag along the lesson. I admit I did ask the pupils to sing the song or recite poetry in the textbook but sometimes it just become reading. Don't short cut the fun element and turn it into something routine.
  3. Get in some interesting element such as utilize the teaching aid or materials.
  •  In reading lesson
  1. I come up with a few element such as asking the pupils to read aloud and stop at certain parts while the others have to continue. Those unable to do so will have to make a funny face till they managed to read the parts in another round.
  2. I changed the way I read while the pupils follow.
  3. Reading aloud competition for group.

           These are some of it now. 

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