Monday, January 20, 2014

Ideas for English Society

Lately I felt challenged when pupils are asked to join another paid English club compared to mine that are free of charge. It offers a range of activities that are fun and useful in classroom activities. Hence, I come up with some activities based on a video online on ways to practice spelling. I found it is fun.

Activitiy 1 : Challenge your spelling
Time: 5-10 minutes
Age: Any
Materials: Word card.
1. Pupils are given a piece of card with words written.
2. Pupils can challenge others by asking "What is your word?"
3. If the pupils can spell out the word challenge, he or she can takes the card. If fail he or she has to give his or her card to the person who was challenge.

Activity 2: Make your Word Search
Time: 30 minutes
Age : 8++
Materials: Papers with 12x12 boxes

1. Pupils brainstorm and spelling out the words.
2. Pupils write the words in the boxes.
3. Pupils complete the boxes and gives their word search as a challenge to other pupils.

1. Make sure their spelling is correct before starting off.

I found that my pupils really love it, especially the 10 years old pupils based on their favourite topics. Have fun trying.

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