Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Goal Setting

Time passes as a twinkle of an eye, where 4 years had came since I had started off teaching in an unexpected Chinese medium school to getting used to the nook and crooks. I started off like any newly graduates. With a baby face, whenever I attended any course they could pin point my fresh from oven status immediately. Slowly, as times passes by I was adorned with glint of maturity. I worked hard to hone my skills, knowledge and even character to be a teacher that God could serve others.

Basically, I took some simple steps to help me on this journey of profession. It is important to plan what is ahead, by looking at how you are. Every year, I would gladly sit down and do the SWOT analysis which was recommended by a teacher of experience. Working through the information and reflection, I would slowly think of realistic, measurable and achievable aim to achieve for the year, semester or even months. I think that this really helps to see the gradual improvement in my profession. It is like a compass that steer me in this busy profession. For many seemed to be long working out same things years and year without much idea, even worst they have lost their purpose. The goal and aim helps us to grow and be sure what we want in our life and profession.

In my first year, my aim was not big. I just want to get use to the school environment, knowing how things work as well as doing my job.  In 2011, I started off on the 7 February 2014 just after the Chinese New Year Celebration. I was rather surprised to be posted to a Melaka Chinese medium school despite of no qualification to do so. Besides that, I was asked to teacher Mathematics, Science, Moral, Civic Education, Life Skill, Kajian Tempatan, Sport and Health as well as Music in Chinese. It was a strenuous task as I can only read limited Chinese words and the level was pretty high for me. After a month of struggling I managed to exchange the subject to English subjects which I was supposed to teach Year 1, 2,3 and 4. My task turns out to be easier. Yet, the challenges remained with the classroom management. My first motto at that time and now is don’t let the pupils get away from their chairs unless it is required.  Being firm and persistence in executing our request or statement are crucial. Of course, I found that having fun and interesting activities helps a lot. However, if you can’t manage it don’t give too exciting activities that causes pupils hyperactivity, resulting in havoc later. In order to improve these skills, I also work in the school after care class. I found that these are too taxing and my work performance backslide as I received complain on books being marked wrongly. Well, it was another aim to start with. The year went on with some relationship problems with the colleagues. I was told that I am not building relationship with the teachers. Therefore, my advice is building relationship with colleagues, cooperate and care for them are crucial for your work in long run as it will be them supporting you. We work in a team; no one is a lone ranger.


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