Monday, April 7, 2014


I had been lost and brings to comfort words of encouragement. Yet, I find myself at the pit after a roller coaster of emotion. The main reason of despair are:

  1. My pupils don't seem to get what I have been teaching, after repeating, after emphasizing, and other efforts. Maybe my effort is not enough.
  • My pupils have problems with grammar.
  • My pupils have problems in making sentences despite telling them that verb to be don't go together with verb such as He is takes care of the plants. It is frustrating to see that sentences after being reminded.
  1. My pupils didn't seem to hand in their homework.
  2. My pupils spelling seemed to be always under expectation and spelling is not done. 
I guess voicing out the issues seemed to make me feel more helpless as I don't seem to be able to solve my current problem. Yet, I strongly believe maybe they just need more time, love and patient. I feel better after blabbering over here.

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