Sunday, January 8, 2017

Rules and Routines for 2017

School started early for year 2017, means time to get prepare for the new excitement and challenges in my classroom. Clear rules, routine and expectations are very important. It sets the way that the class is going. 

Every year, I started off with a new batch of year 1 pupils. Mainly, they are rather clueless and needs a few months to slowly adapt to the transition of fun play kindergarten to formal setting of classrooms especially Chinese medium school. They are required to sit still and get ready for the lesson. The changes are tremendous. 

This year, I started with 
  1. Self introduction on my name and the subject that I am going to teach.
  2. Introducing my classroom rules clearly and practice through games. The children are allowed to guess the reason behind the rules.
    • Respect. ( Respect the administrators, teachers, classmates, janitors and etc)
    • Listen. ( Listen and think carefully before action)
    • Get Ready ( Do your task, homework, be prepared for lesson and bring the materials needed)
    • Be neat and clean. ( Pupils need to be neat and clean , their work so do their surrounding.
  • Rules can be practice via game for Listen through " Do what I say"
      3. Practice simple routines : 
    •  Asking permission to go to toilet and getting the tag.
    • Line up
    • Going for recess
    • Going home
      4. Introducing the books and resources needed.

Hopefully, this year with will a fruitful and bountiful year. 

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