Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Take a break

It has been a long time again.

Anyway, work is always getting more and more demanding in education field. It is no longer the olden sweet time where others could say teaching is such an easy job. It is understood that being a teacher has many benefits beyond other field especially the holiday. It just makes my friends so envy of teachers's holiday that can stretch to months. I could say that the holiday is the blessing. Yet, the word of easy is no longer suitable. Yes, it might sound like these few points

  • You just have to work half day
  •  You don't have to face the pressure of being sack
  • You have so much more benefits including the increment of salary
  • The government job is stable
  • The list can go much longer
However, the grass is always green on the other side. If you are a teacher today, you might have a different opinion on this issue. I hope that you have a second thought of it after experience being a teacher. No matter how difficult this job is going to be. It may be getting more demanding, but it is the rewards of pupil's success, their simple thank you or even a small smile might lift you up above.

I am still so far away from being successful, yet I am still learning and working to it. If you are tired teachers, take a small break. I found something refreshing that I would like to share is

  • Start everyday a fresh. Let all the grudge be gone. Be forgiving especially to the kids they don't mean it. 
  • Plan your things ahead, so you don't have to rush.
  • Empower some pupils that can help you. Everyone have their own responsibility or work and everything has someone to do accomplish it.
  • Go for holiday. AIRASIA is having promotion now. HAHA
Share some interesting feedback too. Have a nice break.
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