Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcoming First Year Pupils

Listening to all the stories told by teachers never seemed to be as true as possible as my experience today. I am teaching Year One on Bahasa Malaysia. Unexpectedly my class is the first lesson of the year, I am nervous. Getting the pupils to sit on their places with all the parents are looking outside is stressful. I am glad that I just have to watch the class teacher dealing with it.

After welcoming the pupils, the class teacher takes the attendance. The teacher starts to call the girls out to arrange them for queuing purposes. She gave every pupil a number after arranging the pupils from short to tall. The pupils are later on asked to come out to introduce themselves based on the number called. The parents watching out there can’t help it but snapping photographs when their child’s turn. Some even came in to comfort their poor child that is crying out their eyes. Some even have snot and teardrops on their table.  

Some of the method used today:
1.    Use short, clear and precise instruction.
2.    Be firm and stern when needed
3.    Encourage the parent on leaving their child’s classroom as it will affects their concentration while some may be over pampered and cry all the time.

4.    Persuade the pupils on not crying.
a.    Tell the pupils that it is a waste of time and it is tiring.
b.    Tell the pupils that it is pointless as the parent is not watching.
c.    Suggest an alternative option.
d.    Use peer.
e.    Give her something of interest to do.
5.    Asking the pupils to do something you want.
a.    Tell it gently and nicely as they are afraid of new environments.
b.    Ask the pupils why they don’t want to do it.
c.    Give the benefits of doing it. ( It works fantastically for me.)
6.    Asking questions on important things that they need to know.
7.    Use repetition.
I hope to learn more about the pupils. I think that psychology plays an important role to deal things harmoniously.

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