Monday, May 23, 2011

Wrong SD card

I was surprised by my friend’s request of continuing writing my blog. It had not thought about my blog for months. Yet, I am back now.

Today, a teacher retired in my school. It happened that I was assigned to make a picture slideshow of her. Hence, I started off my journey a few days back. I tried adding this and that to make it looks better. As a last minute touch up, I actually recorded a few videos to add on at the last few hours before the ceremony. It just happened I put in the wrong SD card into my computer internal reader. There it got stuck. The major crisis was I cannot add on the new videos into my video. Secondly, I can’t take any photos today as my SD card was stuck in my computer. I felt why I am so stupid. Yet, I was extremely glad that my so kind colleague actually helped me to slowly remove it using a small paper clip.

I learned my lesson not to do crazy things as such in final critical moment. It almost gave me a heart attack. 

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