Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Classroom Management 101 Crazy Stunt Changing Clothes

It has been a routine to change into sport attire during physical education. I taught year 2 and 4 on the particular class, yet it has never come to situation before. As usual pupils are required to change back to their school uniform during recess time. However, during one special day a girl striped naked in from of the class when another teacher was teaching. Everyone had a shock to see the girl changing in front of all the boys although she was only year 2.

What had been done to remedy the the pupil behavior was to educate the pupil when and where to change her clothes. Another teacher which was very familiar with her, brought her to the toilet to change. I hope things as such do not happen. Yet in this situation I had learnt that many things I assumed all pupils should know may not be applicable. In many cases, pupil actually do not know what was being expected until we actually educate her. It is not by telling alone that one shall understand.  

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