Monday, April 4, 2011

What's wrong with my teaching?

I had been haunted with my lecturer's comment of my poor classroom management skills. This comments still occurs in my daily lesson. I felt so inadequate to teach. I was constantly annoyed by my pupils that makes all sorts of little actions. Sometimes, the action is so big that it overwhelm me. My pupils were busy playing in the classroom by playing and poking their friends sitting next to them. Some were facing backwards to have some game. Even worse, I few pupils that are know for their endless energy that run here and there and making my life a bit tougher. I knew there was something very wrong on me, but sometimes I just wander was it totally my fault. I just hope I can turn progressive better, because it really deters from continue to do my best. I was constantly drown into the hopeless situation and whenever I did something the pupils seemed to hardly understand what is quiet or my stare.

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