Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kejohanan Balapan Padang ke 40 MSS Melaka

An unexpected twist of an event. I was not selected to be the representative for my school to be an officer for the MSS Melaka. However, my colleagues who happened to have taken the role cannot make it for the job today. Hence, I was asked to replace him for a day.  

It was really a blessing as we had a wonderful weather with constant refreshing wind blowing on my face. I was asked to jot down the result for my event, lempar cakera. It was something new that struct my interest. I got to see how each athletes from primary and secondary school trying all sorts of techniques to aim for better score. It was a good experience. From the one day experience, I managed to get a new friend, get to know more about how sports event are being handled, what is lempar cakera is all about, how the competition for lempar cakera is done and much much more. 

Hence, if you are given a chance to work in an unexpected situation go for it. There is always things to be learned and experience. This can be a life enriching experience. So, new teachers don't frown if you ever got more task because it was meant to enriching our experience as a teacher. However, if it is beyond our ability do please ask for help or politely decline the job because it causes more harm than benefits. 

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