Friday, April 8, 2011

Classroom Management 101 Crazy Stunt Missing Things

As a new teacher, I am having some hard kick start with classroom management. It seemed that all the pupils love to crack up troubles during my time. It makes my life sometimes sweet and sour due to their crazy stunt. It never cease to make my life into an action pack movie.

I had been an investigator, if you can understand pupils often has missing cases once in a while. In my case, I had to be an investigator in every single lesson more handling more than one case. It ranges from missing money, eraser, ruler, toys and your worst nightmare books. It happened that they always seems to lost their book. It really makes me start boiling when ten pupils ran to me and started to rant about their missing book. I always end up telling them search around. What makes it worse was they keep repeating that they can't find it, until after a few attempts. Yeah, they found it after wasting more than half of the lesson. Sometimes, I wonder why can't they find things in more detailed manner. 

This applied too during missing eraser, pencil and other stationary. Sometimes, I was fallen off the table, taken by their classmates. They just don't ask around or observe closely. What that comes into their mind was report 101 cases to the teacher and let the poor teacher to settle it. I had enough. 

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