Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Getting A Place to Stay

I am sure that many of us faced this problem. Having to find a stay upon one week before working in a new environment is not easy. I am glad that I made a call to the school, upon knowing the school I was posted to. Thank God, the headmistress of my school is so kind and nice. So she even suggested a place for me to stay with all the related phone number.

So if you have problem finding a place to stay, there is something I suggest:

  • Call up the school to ask. They are most likely kind enough to offer some suggestions, or better still quarters. 
  • Get a place near the school, maybe ask from someone you knew (relatives or friends) that stay there.
  • Check out facebook, group IPG . There seem to people willing to rent out their place and looking for house mate. 
  • Look for advertisement (this is hard though). 

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