Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How do I get my salary faster?

As everyone is waiting for your first coming salary as a teacher hungrily, I come across some information that might be needed to help you to get your salary faster. As usual to process the salary, we need the documents. If we can prepare it fast or ready in advance, I am sure the process will speed up.

Documents needed for new teacher to proceed the salary are:

Documents that is certified :

  • Salinan kad pengenalan yang telah disahkan. (Identification Card)
  • Salinan surat lantikan yang telah disahkan. 
  • Salinan surat lapor diri yang telah disahkan.
  • Salinan buku akaun yang telah disahkan. (Account book - Bank)
  • Salinan nombor KWSP yang telah disahkan. (Please open up an account if you don't have any)
Anyway this is all I know, I hope this small information may be of help for those needed

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