Friday, February 4, 2011

Criteria to rent a house

The idea of getting a house to rent is not easy, but when you have the choice to choose which do you prefer? I came up with some personal preference that might suit you or not.

  • History of the place. I meant is the house haunted or not. I know it seldom happened, but just as a reminder.
  • How much it costs. As a beginning teacher with an unknown salary, I think we must really look upon this aspect. Houses near the town cost more than in rural places, I think. Budget is very important.
    • Remember to ask whether the utilities bill is included or excluded from the house rent.
  • Location. Where is your house situated? In my opinion, somewhere convenient and not far away from your school should be good. Is the residential area safe?
  •  What is the feature of the house?  
    •  You have to look at the type of house, whether it is a terrace house, flat, or other choices.
    • Does it provide parking for those that have a car?
    • Does the house come with furniture and other electrical appliances?  This can help in saving a lot of money to buy necessary furniture.
    • How many toilets do the house has?
    • Can you cook in the house?
    • Is the house safe?
    • How many months of deposits that you need to pay in advance?
  • Residents. Who stays in the house is important if you are sharing the house. Who stays in the neighborhood is important. It is a matter of safety as well as staying at ease.
That is something that I can think of currently; do give suggestion if you have others. 

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