Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why wear Baju Kurung?

What do you about the picture above? 

Have you see this situation before in any school that you have been especially in Malaysia? Well, it can be during school times, or when you are dropping by a school or an acquaintance of yours that happened to be a teacher. 

Personally, I had not seen a situation as such from my school times as I was from a all girl school. Hence, there is no male student. Haha... Well, during my times as trainee teacher such thing didn't happen either. Would you know why? The answer is mainly due to the fact Malaysia schools have a higher percentage of female Malay teachers. Female Malay teachers usually wear the Malay traditional clothing. 

Nowadays, not only Malay but other races of teacher also wear Malay traditional clothing such as baju kurung. Why baju kurung is favorable?

1.    It follows the teacher dress code.
As a trainee teacher, we have a certain dress code to follow such as the length of your sleeve must be more than elbow length and the length of the skirt must be below the knee cap. Hence, when I wear baju kurung all problems regarding the length is solved. For once, I do not have to worry the disciplinarian of my teacher training college will call me up in the office to have a chat on my attire. Only bear in mind don’t wear very thin or see through baju kurung.

2.    It is comfortable to stretch in. I meant that you can stretch yourself without being afraid   exposing your stomach or showing off your thigh. I have the habit of lying on the office table when I was tired. It is safe. You don't have to worry at all. You don’t have the problem of worry people see what you are wearing underneath if you sit with your leg wide open.

3.    It gives people good impression. Believe me when I said it, people are pleased with. When I first interview for my course, the interviewer look so pleased with my baju kurung. It gives you extra points you know. It applies in school too. So usually I will wear my baju kurung on the first day of reporting for teaching practice. It never fails to give good impression to the school. You will look nice, decent and Malaysian. It is the one Malaysia thing of sharing the traditional clothing even though you are of different race. Score point!

Can you think of more reason? Do comment. 


  1. For me it fits the teacher's attire criteria. but other office/formal wear r also in my list since the weather is a bit hot sometimes (and this isn't telling less is more) :)

  2. There's no aircons in public schools, not all schools are that lucky to be equipped with air conditioning. Running up and down stairs in baju kurung can be dangerous especially if the stairs aren't properly made (no CF for school buildings). Have to agree that if one wears baju kurung for interview it is seen as 'oh cantiknya' or 'oh anggunnya' in their eyes. So, yes for interviews to score points we should all be hypocrites. On other occasions when running up and down staircases or in schools where there is no aircon, the baju kurung can be a hindrance to health and safety. Again if one wants to remain a hypocrite throughout one's teaching profession, one is allowed to do so. Good luck with your choice of career.


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