Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to write Jawi?

1.     You need to know how the sound system which had been upload in prior post on Sistem Ejaan Jawi.
Example: Eat in Bahasa Melyu is Makan
It is made up of the sound ﻡ m,  k, ﻥ 

2.     Jawi  is written from right to left.
Hence, when you join the different alphabet we have to be aware of its position. The alphabet has different     way of writing in different position. As an example of the word "makan." Below shows the different ways of writing  m,  k, ﻥ n in different position. 
As you can see it started off from the right to the left

3.     Some of the alphabets can be connected as shown below.
Example used is "makan." It looks like this after being connected.

                                                Makan = ﻤﮑﻥ

4.     Those alphabets that cannot be connected in written as below.
Example used is “buta” or blind in English. The system indicates that sound of u cannot be connected with other sound/ alphabet.

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