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What should I do in School Based Experience (SBE)

Thank you for those who had been sparing their precious time to reading my post. I had been requested by a friend of mind to write something about our teaching practice. However, I felt it is much better if I tell you some story before the teaching practice. SBE is different from teaching practice; serve as some preparation for something bigger to come.
So, what is SBE about?

·         You are assigned to any school for a week (we got the choice to choose any school we like. Recipe is get school near your house because SBE usually starts a week before or after school holiday. Hence, if you choose somewhere near your house you can considered yourself to have extra one week holiday. So juniors do select wisely.)

·         We are supposed to finish some assignment assigned by the lecturers to complete on the week. You have many tasks, so one week is very fast gone if you don’t have a good planning. Hence, I suggest you better had an action plan.
Some example for those who are going to school for this SBE:
Let’s recall for SBE1, I used to have 3 main tasks:
·         Get into the school get to get information about the school, how the school works, interview the school community.
·         Get the related information for National Philosophy task.
·         Get the teacher permission to have tests on children to complete Child Development Task.
What you should do to finish off the task given?
1.    List all the things that had to be done.
2.    Sort all the things that need to be done according to priority, availability and suitability into an action plan.
3.    Action Plan should include date, what should be done and remark as shown below ( The SBE started off on the 19-23 March 2007):

Things to be done
Before 19/3/07
·         Prepared all the documents needed such as introduction documents, tasks, questionnaire, observation form, questions to interview the teacher.
·         Prepare a portfolio with dividers so that you can put in whatever documents you gain in the school.
·         Get all the questionnaire, observation form and questions to interview teacher with your friends and prepare earlier.
·         Dress professionally and meet up with the headmaster to report yourself.
·         Prepared to make some introduction.
·         Get to know the peoples such as the PK1, PK HEM, PK Koko, Ketua Panitia, Staffs and other teachers.
·         Bring camera and walk around the school, know all the facilities within the school such as toilet, canteen, and others.
·         Build good relationship with the teacher. (Make sure you ask for all the documents you need and go Photostat them as soon as possible)
·         Write reflection daily after the end of school so that you won’t forget them.
·         Bring your documents and make sure it was fill up.
·         Bring collaboration form or note books to record down what the headmaster will tell you.
·         Brief the headmaster on what you are supposed to do, all the helps you need, permission to take photograph, permission to get into class.
·         Start off well, Monday usually will be assembly and you might be introduced to the school or you may need to give a simple introduction speech.
·         Suggestion: write a simple diary on what you learn, and what further action required daily. I shall tell this in other post.
·         Try to talk to all people related and make sure write information shared into the collaboration form
·         Deliver the questionnaire early so that you can get It back fast.
·         Try to bring your laptop to school, type down all the observation found, this will make your life easier.
·         If you need to get into class, please ask a teacher politely, if there is chance enter many classes as possible to observe how teacher teach. It gives you a good experience.
·         Get involved in the school activities actively.
·         Use your questionnaire and questions prepared help you)
·         Do your assignment in the school if you have time, especially the task given by the lecturer.
·         If there are other trainees with you, work together, it makes your life easier.
·         If you have any problem, don’t hesitate to ask because you may feel like a fool for a few minutes, it’s always better than a fool forever.
·         Make good use of all the time to know more about teaching profession, about school, teaching, and student.
·         Try to learn all teaching tricks in the school.
·         Last day, make sure you have some small souvenir for school if you like to give.
·         Prepare some speech, you make asked to give some farewell speech.
·         Make sure to thank the school.
·         Make sure all your assignment is done and completed.
·         Finalized the portfolio.
·         Important: Build good relationship with teacher, gain contacts to broaden up your social network. Ask for phone number or email.
·         Use a check list to make sure all the things you needed is done and completed.
·         Make sure you return whatever you borrow from the school, pay all the debt if you are borrowing money from others in the school.
That's all I can think off or recall for now. I hope this will help those who need them. Thank you. 

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