Saturday, January 22, 2011

What Malaysian teacher wears in school?

There had been many different impression on teacher's attire especially on European countries. Hence, today I am going to introduce some of the usual attire worn by the Malaysia teacher on daily basis. All the photos taken are from a few sources shown below, which was not mine. I will introduce it based on the photograph shown.  

The first two picture show male teacher's attire. Usually a male teacher will wear formal shirt with a pocket on left. As you can see, teacher usually put their tools the red, blue and black pen in it. The name tag usually will be pin on the pocket too. They will usually wear slack secured with a belt. Usually the design of formal shirt varied from plain, lines and checked with different hues. Light pink are coming in favor too. Besides the formal, teacher also wears baju batik with creative colourful design. Mainly, teachers and government servant can be seen wearing baju batik on Thursday. 

The third and fourth picture show female teacher's attire. Female teachers usually wear a blouse with long skirt. Sometimes, they can also be seen wearing baju kurung (4th picture on the most right). 


  1. hi. im a future teacher. female malay teachers would usually wear baju kurung all year round (Phy Ed teachers are excluded). so do you think it is inappropriate for them wear anything else like shirt and blazer with long skirt, or a long dress?

  2. Why are there only photos of senior teachers rather than the new teachers here? doesn't that show a rather bias side to the topic?


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