Monday, January 17, 2011

What Bachelor in Education (Hons) or KPLSPM from IPG got to offer?

In this post, I would like to summarize what I got from this course after being graduate. I could only say it was beyond words and . The bachelor in Education (Hons) is a course carried out by IPG specialized in training future teachers. This course is made up of four major components during the degree years that made up its 133 credits. The course is divided into 4 components which are the compulsory subjects (23 credits), your major subjects (86 credits), first and second minor subjects (24 credits).

In my own opinion, the course can also be divided into a few categories based on type of learning involved. The first one is the academic part where most of the time you will have lessons, lecturers, practical, coursework and exam. Basically we have pedagogy subjects, my major science subjects, minors such as English, Physical Education and compulsory subjects such as Art in Education, TITAS and Hubungan Etnik.  

Meanwhile, the second categories are the teaching practice. Our teaching practice is divided in a very different way. During the first and second year, every semester we are sent to schools for one week to complete certain given task. The programme is called School Based Experience (SBE) that provides the insight of school. In the process, you get to know how the school runs, how different teachers play their role, how teachers teach, the school culture and climate, getting knows the hook and crooks in an education field. Although we are not allowed to teach at that time, sometimes the condition forces us to help out to look after the pupils. From the small accumulated experience you get to know helpful knowledge and skills. The teaching practice started off on the Third year. We had 1 month of teaching practice on the 5th semester, 2 months of teaching practice on the 6th semester, 3 months of teaching practice on the 7hth semester. Finally on the final semester we got one month of internship where we are required to complete a minimal of 3 selected projects in the school. This is considered into Major subject. It was crucial because it prepares you for the real thing. 

The third component is the Teacher Character Building or more commonly known as Bina Insan Guru (Bina Insan Guru). In this programme we are being exposed to many challenges as well as interesting events. In my experience on the first semester we had 4 days 3 nights camping in the forest. The activities were similar to usual camping with mountain hiking, kayaking on the sea, talent time, cooperative games or challenges and others. Meanwhile on the second semester we had to organize and participate in community service. We opted for old folks home and picking rubbish on the waterfall. Third semester we had to organize and participate in educational service by doing a Jejak Science Programme in the school. On the forth semester we had another camping, the difference between the prior are we had to organize and participate in adopting family. The main reason for the event was so familiarize us on how to communicate and accommodate to the variants of community and culture. On the fifth semester we had to organize and participate in seminars and benching marking. The benchmarking was done in schools which had Guru Cemerlang only and excellent schools. Similar activities were carried out on the sixth semester. This programmes requires us to come up with proposals, committee members, handling all the preoperational works, writing reflection before, during and after as well as all the related report by the committee. This was included in the Compulsory subjects.

The last component was co curriculum. Unlike other places, this component is not something you can opt to take or leave it. It was compulsory. But we can choose what you want to take such as sport and uniform units, but usually there are only 3 choices you can choose from. For the first semester we had co curriculum management. Second semester we had games, third and fourth semester we had uniform units. Fifth semester we had athletics. On the sixth semester we had clubs. This component is included in the compulsory subjects too.

Besides all this planned learning, we also happened to have many other compulsory events. Most of the event organized by the IPG is compulsory. The usual routine is we had to organize the month assembly once in awhile, organize or participate in language carnivals or special subject related events, yearly event. Besides that you are invited to join clubs, competitions that are being held in the IPG, within IPG, open to IPT competition and etc. At the same time, not to forget the duties in a class. A class mainly made up of usually 20 trainees plus or minus. In a class, you are being introduced with the work of being a monitor, assistance monitor, treasurer, secretary, special duties such as being the contact person with certain lecturer, photostatting officer and etc. There is so much more to write about. So if you are interested do join this course the application is usually open on February for July intake.

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