Monday, August 19, 2013

Am I good enough?

I have been missing for such a long time that I even forgets that I have a blog. There had been an uncertainty going on with me. It sounds like " Am I doing a good job?" How I come up with such thoughts.

  1. I felt that my pupils are not learning with me.
  2. Disruption and misbehavior is a daily endless scenario.
  3. Every teacher looks better.
  4. I can't carry out what is suggested to be a better teacher.
The list may go longer. I am wondering, is it me or there is someone insecure as me. 

Despite having all theses thoughts, definitely discouraged but I somehow managed to come to the brighter side. It may be self comforting but I believe in God that any challenges that comes upon you is meant to built you up. So stay cool and find some ways for those who gives all sorts of excuse may not live a life that they want. I hope to hear from the others too.

Some of the ways to feel better in a practical way are
  1. Set a goal that can be achieve by ourselves.
  2. Don't expect a sudden becomes very successful . 
  3. Take our time to find out the more demanding issues that need to be settled. I think prioritize is very important. Take one at a time. 
What other good advice that you have? 

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