Thursday, September 13, 2012

Parents and Teacher

In the path of educating a child, a proper and effective communication is crucial. At times, I used to hide and fawn when parents approaches me. It was due to the trauma of being critized and complained due to some matter that arises. Though my colleagues help me and even accompany me to meet up with the parents. I am so thankful that they gave me courage as well as model on how to communicate with parents.

As times go on, I realized that gaining parent's cooperation in educating the child gave a tremendous help that  it was like blessing from God. Parent's that are concern about their child progress is appreciative to teachers that gave them feedback on their child's progress in school. They helped out to make sure pupils learnt at home. Sometimes, they gave the reason and some history that will help us in knowing the child better. Hence, we can modify our teaching method to promote pupil's learning.

I strongly believed that teacher need to build good rapport with parents. Despite having heaps of problems due to lack of confidence, I do hope that you can suggest some ways to help me out too.

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