Monday, August 6, 2012


LINUS is known to be literacy and numeracy screening that started off on 2010 till now the third cohort. The main objectives is to ensure that after pupils completed lower primary they are able to achieve the basic literacy and numeracy skills. Similar programme was held for upper primary named PROTIM.

Currently I was teaching Year 1 Bahasa Malaysia, it was challenging as it was my first time. Well there is always first time in everything. Basically, there will be 3 screening each year where pupils need to take oral and written test. For literacy, the pupils have to pass twelve construct on reading letters, sukukata, words, sentences as well as simple comprehension. Meanwhile in writing, pupils have to write letters, identify the sukukata, words, rearrange words into a correct sentence as well as writing sentences. 

I was stumbled by my lack of achievement as my emphasis was more to reading. As a result my pupils failed to score well in making sentences component. 

Some of the useful method that can be used for reading are:

  • Using flashcard ( especially those that have different colours for the sukukata which enables the pupils to read easier)

  • Covered word ( Teacher segments the words to let the pupils to spell out before reading out the word)
  • I also used games where pupils read out the words in a list as I point. Sometimes, I would let the other pupils to point out the word to read. ( This was meant to be the final part after I have ensure that they can read, it works well as  a test too.)
  • Matching game. Pupils are given different suku kata to be match and read. I used to come up with the idea of reading dices too. Games requires less pupils in the class or it would be out of control for me. I can comes in wheel of fortune too. 

Meanwhile, some of the methods to teach the writing part are:
  • I teach the sentence structure. The simple sentence structure in Bahasa Malaysia mainly comprise of people, verb and things. After telling them the structure, I let them rearrange the words in arranging the words exercise on paper. Though I felt that, it would be better if the pupils can arrange in card and write down the sentence. Maybe I can try that for my next lesson. 
I hope to get a better result in next screening as I was way far behind the target. Wish all the best and give me some good input too. 

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