Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Funny Cases 101

I came upon some unexpected encounter with my pupils, some mischievous, bully or even foolish heroism. It took place a few weeks ago.

Scene 1
A naughty pupil that just undergoes some major surgery was caught in a difficult situation. He was caught by to other naughty. He was wailing for help as they were trying to dump him into a rubbish bin. Seriously, the boy was lucky that another teacher came by and stopped the whole incident. I happened to came in later and gave the other two some colors.  Thankfully other teacher’s prior advice, I asked the two boys to stand next to the rubbish bin. I caught one of them unexpected and in a ready moment to throw him into the rubbish bin. It was meant to let them visualize how wrong the situation can be. They ended up with a punishment of reflecting while staring at the rubbish bin. I would like to ask others, what other solution can be done?

Scene 2
I happened to have two pupils that are loved to fool around my class namely A and B. It happened that A had a good friend and was seriously protecting him at all time. B was fooling around by an attempted to kiss A’s good friend. B earned himself a good bite on his butt by A. Seriously; B was shouting over and complained that his butt is hurt. The only remained evidence was the saliva staining on his trousers. I need some good opinion on what should I do in this situation.

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