Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Primary Classroom Management

Concept of classroom management.  Class management integrates three major components:
1.    "Content management occurs when teachers manage space, materials, equipment, the movement of people, and lessons that are part of a curriculum or program of studies"
2.    "Conduct management refers to the set of procedural skills that teachers employ in their attempt to address and resolve discipline problems in the classroom"
3.    Covenant management can be simplified as managing the interpersonal relationship in the class.

Characteristic of an effective teacher in managing a classroom
1.    Personal Qualities- commitment, responsibility & integrity
Responsible is living up to obligation & ensure those are fulfilled
Integrity is ethical behavior – code of moral values – honest, fair
2.    Teaching & Learning Competencies – effective use of teaching style, personality and instructional strategies to maximize the student’s ability to formulate new knowledge. Effective teacher are facilitator & designer of student’s ability.
3.    Disposition & Moral Practice – A natural or acquired habit or characteristic tendency in a person or thing. disposition towards:
a.  Children and youth – be sensitive on how to express care, friendliness to students.
b.  Knowledge & thought process – self upgrade guided by enquiry. Areas to upgrade content & curriculum, pedagogical content, methodology, behavior & discipline management, instructional technology, learning process.
c.  Colleagues & other adults – social interaction, dialogue & scaffolding can construct new ideas, enhance intellectual development. Zone of proximal development Vygotsky. 

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