Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Class Helper Little Sheep

I am pretty lost on what should I do when I tell a story for my Year 2 students. I don't feel so confident either as I felt I had a huge classroom management problem of being not firm. I need something that attract pupil's attention. That's when I saw this cute fellow on my table. 

As I entered the class, I hid this little sheep. Then when I started my story, I told my student I had invited a helper. I took out my little sheep and my pupils were so surprised. The I started off with my story using a different voice to act it out. They enjoyed it tremendously. I even make simple jokes in the story using little sheep. All of them had a good laugh. Later on, I asked question by suddenly placing little sheep on pupil's head or putting near their face. Everyone was so excited and hope to see my little sheep soon. 

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