Friday, February 11, 2011

First Week as a Teacher

My first week started as a hurricane. I didn't know what hit me. Now it is the end of the week. Many things happened too fast. I hurried to the school, adapting to a new environment, settling down with all my new task and responsibility. I also happened to be a new beginner to drive around in a new place. Thank God for his grace as I landed into a good school where the teachers are so supportive, helpful and kind to guide me. Without them I am totally lost. 

One of the most important thing in a new school is getting to know your colleague. Colleague plays an important role in our daily life as a teacher. Nobody can live in an isolated island. We need our colleagues from informing us information and details to more intimate relationship of giving social and emotion support. If you have any inquiry, don't feel shy to ask around. A fool for a moment is better a fool forever. 

So I happened to go around those teachers near to me to ask all sorts of questions I had regarding the school. I am glad that they are so kind to tell me all the information needed. When I am down and frustrated, they come up with good advice and telling things to make me feel motivated. It is really treasure to have good colleague to cheer you up and motivate you when things is not easy. This is a good emotional support that helps me to cope up with the stress of being a new teacher. 

Being a new teacher means a lot. In my case, I generally know how a school works yet I every school is different and has it own culture runs by different people with different personality and preference. Every different individual from the headmaster or headmistress, teachers, other staffs such as clerk, janitor, guard and etc as well as our treasure beloved student made up a school. Dealing with the system is another problem too. 

In the mean time, I am trying to do what I can. There is still so many things that I don't know about how the school run. I'm also not sure how good is my student, their preference, their interest, how to deal with them. I know I am not good in classroom management especially being firm. I still had a supper long way to go!!!

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  1. "I still had a supper long way to go!!!"

    Should be super long way? hehe


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