Sunday, January 30, 2011

Questions that I would like to ask JPN

I am very glad that our PISMP course had been accredited and we can start working after Chinese New Year. Though I have a lot of questions that I would like to ask the JPN because whenever a relatives or friend talk to me, they would ask where you are posted too. Gladly, I can tell others in Melaka. Then they asked me which school. I would give a sheepish smile and said I don’t know. This situation had been repeated all over that I wish the JPN can give me some good answers.

Let me think imagine how the conversation should sound like when I call JPN. It may sound like this.
Me  : Good morning. Is this JPN Melaka handling primary school section?
JPN: Yes.
Me  : I checked online and found out I was posted in Melaka. May I know which school I  am posted to?
JPN: Miss, your name please.
Me  : >>>>>>>>>>
JPN: Your school is >>>>>>>

How I wish I can know the school soon so that I can settle my lodging problems. I hope I am not the only one being so anxious. 

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