Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Learn Jawi

I had never expected to see the word Jawi in my timetables during my foundation year. I was pretty shocked. I had been wondering why I had to learn Jawi. After all this years I can see the usage of it. I used to be able to write my name in Jawi and reading the name of street. Some of the primary school actually taught Jawi and Arabic as a compulsory subject. As a teacher, it would be a great advantage to have this asset.

Name of places in Jawi

When I first started of learning Jawi, we had a very interesting lecturer that taught us on writing Jawi. Being a Chinese that never tried writing it, the mechanism seems funny. Even the handwriting turns out weird. We started off with writing the alphabet, like anyone started off practicing ABC. We had to write a few times to make it look decent. Somehow, I was lucky to have some good malay friends that gladly helped me. My Jawi writing was nightmare.

As we learn to write more alphabets, it was easily confused with other alphabets as some differs just by dots such as ta and tha.

What do you feel like learning to write Jawi? For those to have the experience, I am sure it was unforgettable. My classmates and I used to be very enthusiastic to learn how to write our name in Jawi. In most time, we came up with wrong spelling. It always made all my malay friend laughing with all the wrong alphabets making our name sound super weird or worst a totally different sound.

If you are interested to learn, I think there is a lot of software available in the market either free or trial version. Try to download and start learning. It really worth it to learn more.  You can check out  websites below.



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